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Bitcoin - 25 BTC

Perfect Money - 3587,00 USD

Payeer - 1980,00 USD

AdvCash - 1930,00 USD

OkPay - 1400,00 USD

PayPal - 2980,00 USD

PayPal - 1610,00 EUR

Entromoney - 1010,00 USD

Moneygram - 700,00 USD

Western union - Unlimited USD

Bank Transfer - Unlimited USD

Exchange rates:

From - To Rate
Bitcoin (BTC) to PayPal (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Payeer (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Perfect Money (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to AdvCash (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to OKPay (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Entromoney (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Payza (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Bank Transfer (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Western union (USD) 15000
Bitcoin (BTC) to Moneygram (USD) 15000
Perfect Money (USD) to PayPal (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to Payeer (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to AdvCash (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to OKPay (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to Entromoney (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to Payza (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to Bitcoin (BTC) 0.00009
Perfect Money (USD) to Bank Transfer (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to Western union (USD) 0.92
Perfect Money (USD) to Moneygram (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to Payeer (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to Perfect Money (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to AdvCash (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to OKPay (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to Entromoney (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to Payza (USD) 0.92
PayPal (USD) to Bitcoin (BTC) 0.00009
Payeer (USD) to PayPal (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to Perfect Money (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to AdvCash (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to OKPay (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to Entromoney (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to Payza (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to Bitcoin (BTC) 0.00009
Payeer (USD) to Bank Transfer (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to Western union (USD) 0.92
Payeer (USD) to Moneygram (USD) 0.92

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